Said The Whale: Little Mountain

Earlier this year, the full-length Little Mountain was released by the mellow, pop rock Vancouver quintet, Said The Whale. “We Are 1980” opens the record with hooks and singing akin to the style of The Shins, with a chorus of gang vocals that strike a chord. “Big Sky, MT” begins as a soulful ballad with a harmonica solo at the bridge. It then morphs into something fast-paced, making the listener want to tap along to the rhythm that is accentuated piano playing. “The Reason” is a song full of cleverly wistful lyrics about love over a super poppy melody, split perfectly in half with a delicate guitar solo.

The Canadian troupe maintains an undeniable honesty that is pleasantly complemented by their fun approach to songwriting. The eighth song on Little Mountain, “Lover/Friend” is acoustic with a savory, retro feel. “Heavy Ceiling” is more of a traditional poppy, alt-rock cut that blends qualities from several genres allowing for appeal for a wider range of listeners. Said The Whale are an all-around fun listen; they have a palpable authenticity and appear to be flourishing within this musical style.

It’s possible that “Hurricane Ada” is the best track this band has to show for. The number is a journey of blues-inspired guitar playing accompanied by subdued singing. All of a sudden, the song becomes much more with blaring vocals and excitable drums that express the emotion inside of this cut. Little Mountain is entertaining, perhaps a bit too safe, but then again pop is known to be guarded. Said The Whale definitely have a certain appeal with their genuine musicianship; let’s hope for the next go round that they choose to sail in uncharted waters.

In A Word: Cute