This Town Needs Guns:

Oxford, UK native trio This Town Needs Guns have named their latest work The indie rock compilation features an assortment of uniquely titled tracks, all with an air of melodic serenity battling frantic instruments. Beginning with “Cat Fantastic,” the clear notes of vocalist Henry Tremain ring out over the lighthearted, technical style of playing that pours out of these musicians. Everything about their sound is understated, including their whimsical lyrics that in “Cat Fantastic” repeat, “You’ll be happy when you’re willing to share.” The vocals are bordering on being poppy at moments, while the instrumental work is unexpected and pioneers new territory.

On “Havoc In The Forum,” the group accentuate complicated time signatures with drums that occur without rhyme or reason, but somehow marry the combating musical forces. Even with an uncommon structure, the song has a memorable quality to it, as does the following cut, “Left Aligned.” Here the guitar playing takes a progressive turn, as the pace slows and the bass grows in volume. This song rides along with complex chord progressions as its backbone. An instrumental number takes the disc in a moody, gloomier direction, blending the individual pieces together. The unorthodox manner in which This Town Needs Guns arrange their music does not sway the listener from continuing on in the journey that becomes.

“I’ll Take The Minute Snake” is super harmonic at first with its riffs and then soon following with a chorus that mimics the lead line beautifully. Once again, the song heads in a progressive and erratic direction. The fingerprint of This Town Needs Guns is a one-of-a-kind distinction from any other band within the confines of contemporary indie rock. Their technical, methodic performing allows their music to shine, unparalleled on

In A Word: Profound