Split Point: TriFlection

Recorded in New Brunswick, TriFlection is the most up-to-date work from the local metal trio, Split Point. This group sticks to an old school metal style of musicianship underneath a blend of guttural singing and screaming. “Vision,” the album opener, takes on a Disturbed-like feel with a weighted lead line and aggressive, chanting vocal parts. The vocalist here projects his raw, signature sound, giving the enthusiastic instruments here a run for their money in the volume department. The second cut, “Fallen Gods” is an entirely solid, riff-driven number, with a melodious chorus that is utterly enduring.

This record has a very discernible DIY flavor, which keeps the roots of this full-length steadfastly grounded. “Death On A Dime” comes in strong with a guitar part that rips up and down the scales. Our singer’s rough around the edges voice takes center stage on this track unyielding, keeping up the ever-militant exterior defense of this band alive. The vigorous and skillful playing of the guitarist on TriFlection is showcased brilliantly throughout the 12-track album. The lyrical subject matter takes a darker turn on “Poison Spits,” as the vocalist looks back on how he has been wronged in the past. Musically, this one takes on a more contemporary metal vibe with, once again, a super heavy, continuous riff.

There is a definite cohesiveness to this record, as each track is built of similar themes and tones. Track nine, “I Need,” has a trashing element to it with a hearty melody to back it up. This one allows for all aspects of Split Point to meld together in the best way possible and is the favorite on this CD. The outfit will definitely be able to maintain a metal-appreciative following. This work is unadulterated and each song is a relevant piece to the whole of TriFlection.

In A Word: Upfront