Northeastern band Golden Bloom have a subtle pop flare to their indie rock roots and sound as a constant. These traits shine through on the first number, “Flying Mountain,” off of their five-track EP, No Day Like Today. This song begins with all of the bells and whistles (mostly the bells) of an upbeat, simplistic pop cut. A basic guitar lead tailors the excess of the track and meshes well with the focused, bordering on quivering, lines that the vocalist draws. An underplayed, rock-inspired solo binds the beginning and end of this track tightly.

Lyrically, singer Shawn Fogel is able to paint vivid images over the instruments of this group, which are never overdone, but never lack in luster. “Deliver It For Me” brings the tempo to a cruise, with piano keys taking it up a notch and acoustic strumming falling in later on. This one seemingly describes the existential dilemmas of religion in the world today, at least that it was the listener is lead to assume with references to Adam and Eve. Dual male and female vocal parts weave in and out over the melancholy structure of this song. Despite the various subjects that Golden Bloom skim over, this band maintains a positive and lighthearted outlook on the content of this album.

Track number four, “White Whale,” is poetically appeasing with an alternative riff and percussion at its core. Here we find the catchiest, most well devised, and sonically pleasing song on No Day Like Today. This cut has elements that any listener can appreciate, such as melody that slowly climbs up and down the scale with a head-bopping beat. This EP from Golden Bloom leaves a swirl of intrigue and a stand out imprint behind as it finishes, leaving the listener with the prospect of what a flashy full-length could be.

In A Word: Spirited

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