Aimee Bobruk: /ba.’brook/

Aimee Bobruk’s /ba.’brook/ is a collection of moving, sad, whimsical numbers that are dynamic, fresh, and leave the listener begging for more. The release starts off with a summery narrative with child-like traits. “A Day In The Life” brightens up the release and gives just a taste for Bobruk’s diverse vocal stylings. Throughout the release, she switches sounds and emotions quickly, never letting one particular style hold her down throughout the release. “Omanishko” is one of the sadder, but simply beautiful melodic numbers on /ba.’brook/. “In Your Own Language” has a stronger childish approach that stresses the importance of being yourself and original. The eclectic track features sound effects including baby cries, fabric ripping, hand clapping, and items breaking. In its own unique way, “In Your Own Language” certainly stands out compared to the rest of /ba.’brook/ and is a refreshing piece of the collection. In contrast to the young at heart, yet still completely relevant previous number, “Perfect Circumstance” has a much more mature sound and even features a Middle Eastern influence to add some spice to the album.

As the release rages on, a vintage surf rock vibe is thrown into the mix with “Is There Nothing.” The nautical sounding song is lyrically a downer and the music does it justice and complements it perfectly. “Trigger Finger” has a harsher, brasher and bitter sting compared to the rest of the disc. The last three cuts on the release lack the initial wow factor that the rest of /ba.’brook/ emitted. The unique and talented Aimee Bobruk really hit the nail on the head with this album.

In A Word: Dynamic