Eksi Ekso: Archfiend

Eksi Ekso are a three-piece band from Boston, MA. Their upcoming album, Archfiend, paints a picture about H.H. Holmes’ life and death as one of the first documented serial killers in American history. It begins with samples and keys used throughout “Pet Monster” and “Glass Damsels.” They create a fully layered sound that you would not expect from three members. Piano and bass are the core of “Ragtag Brigade” and “Gold Cures,” respectively. The latter track is one that will most likely make you dance. Clean guitar and keys offer a nice contrast to the deep sound that the drums and bass provide on “Blood Rivals.” This song is kicked off by the energetic beat of the toms and snare drums, leading into the quick strumming of the guitar and vocals.

Guitars are more prominently used on “Trophy Horse,” “Hover And Linger” and “Writhe.” Standing out more than they do on the other tracks, they take over where the use of keys and samples left off. Bass and guitar riffs perform as a bridge between tempo changes on “Trophy Horse,” while they are used to hold the rhythm and as an element in the background for the vocals to lie on top of. “All Hail The Alchemist” and “Heiresses” go back to the full band sound with bass and cymbal/snare drumbeats as the base. Various instruments and effects such as the use of samples, horns, and keys create a robust layer of music. As difficult as it would be to create an upbeat album reflecting the life of a serial killer, the band makes it work. This talented trio finds a way to create a wall of sound on each song that makes for a rich listening experience.

In A Word: Cinematic