Here Come The Mummies: Cryptic

Here Come The Mummies are a funk rock band who dress themselves up in mummy bandages when they perform live. Their upcoming sixth album, Cryptic, is one to look out for. The title-track highlights the lighter side of the band, with their singer, Mummy Cass, singing about a woman being “cryptic” and his inability to understand what she says. This song, along with “Petting Zoo,” are examples of the witty lyrical content that the band writes. Musically, the album ties together different elements and effectively use horns and keys to add to the appeal of the record. Songs like “Chaperone” and “Come Alive” showcase the entire band’s ability to play their respective instruments and produce catchy songs that’ll get stuck in your head for days.

Cryptic also has plenty of tracks that’ll get you moving. “Devil Better Run,” “You Know The Drill,” and “Infinity” all have infectious sounds with the vocals launching you out of your seat. “Everything But” and “Cruel Old Sun” have a very funk-like vibe with the alternating strokes of the guitar in between the rhythm parts. The horns and extra percussion add to this feel and expand on these upbeat tunes. The band has the capability to transition between slower-paced tunes and more up-tempo work, such as on “Revenge” and “Innuendo.” Finally, there’s “Never Grow Old,” where the use of guitar chords and horns set a backdrop for the gritty vocals. Every song on the record will be a welcomed addition to the band’s live setlists. Here Come The Mummies are one-of-a-kind, and with the release of their sixth album, they are establishing themselves as an incredibly talented and witty funk group.
In A Word: Entertaining

Album is out May 14 –