Tera Melos: X’ed Out

X’ed Out is the upcoming album from math/experimental rock group Tera Melos. This talented three-piece from Northern California are as original as it gets when it comes to their sound. Known for their unconventional song structure, along with powerful bass, drums, and guitar, they also incorporate electronic instruments to add to the music. These guys can start a song slow and then crank it into high gear within seconds. This is seen in the opening track, “Weird Circles,” as well as “Bite” and “Surf Nazis.” Tera Melos can make anything a song. On “Slimed,” there is a constant riff that is used as the base. The riff plays throughout as they add some other guitar parts for flavor. The catchiest song on the album is “Until Lufthansa,” with the catchy riff that is used along with the chords. It is an all-around energetic and upbeat song. Added energy is seen on “Chlorine,” a heavy track with lots of sustains. The tom/snare beat fills the void in between the picking of the guitar.

X’ed Out allows the band to explore different styles and techniques that they have mastered. Not only do they have high-energy songs, but there are tracks that have a calming vibe. The first song that shows this “softer” side of the band is “Snake Lake.” The vocals are delicate, the guitar is resonant, and the sound is distinct. “No Phase” and “X’ed Out And Tired” contain clean chords and dual vocals. They experiment with their structure and sound on “Sunburn,” “Melody Nine,” and “Tropic Lame.” With the amount of music these guys create, it is difficult to tell there are only three members. This is a great album to listen to if you are interested in something different. An original band with an original style.

In A Word: Adventurous