Dangfly!: Good Luck, Curiosity

Longtime musician Adam Payne moved to Athens, GA to pursue his passion. He formed Dangfly! in 2012 and Good Luck, Curiosity is their debut record. The band is a composed of a group of talented individuals that can use various elements to create art. Guests participating on the album add horns like the trumpet and both baritone and tenor sax on “#1,” “The Getaway,” and “#7.” They add to the mood created by various other instruments in the song. “#1” also includes a melodic guitar solo that is played over some clean chords. Adam Poulin and Scotty Nicholson play the violin and cello, as well as the accordion and organ, respectively.

“Big Guy” and “Walkaway” both emphasize the use of the strings and organ. The latter song is a slow jam with great backing female vocals. Emotion is conveyed through the band’s sound and can best be heard in “She Makes The Rain.” Dangfly! effectively display their talent to play guitar on “Bangin’” and “Pledge.” These upbeat tracks feature fast, catchy chords and “Pledge” includes a guitar solo. There are also a few great acoustic songs on the album. The softer side of the band is displayed on “Killin’,” “Thick And Thin,” and “The Devil Does.” The latter song includes the use of the lap steel as well.

This was a strong album from Adam Payne and his Dangfly! friends, who cover a wide musical palette. Good Luck, Curiosity features a lot of dedicated individuals, and a lot of instruments to create finely crafted songs. The result is a noble effort that combines various artists and sounds into a collective work.

In A Word: Diverse