Paperhaus: Lo Hi Lo

Washington D.C.’s Paperhaus are planning a May release for their four-track EP, Lo Hi Lo. “All Through The Night” sets the tone. It is a psychedelic, ambient song with alternative roots in its guitars. The vocal parts are underdone, but suitable for the music. This song floats along with otherworldly instrumental elements weaving through the track while the singer repeats a line of “do do do’s” over the notes. The gentle nature of this band’s music allows for their sound to fade in and out of sonic focus, almost functioning as the backdrop to thought.

The next number, “Helicopter,” feels more like a pop ballad than the latter cut. Lyrically, it sticks in your head, the melody is easygoing and predictable, and it almost feels when listening as if the song sends positivity subliminally. A distorted guitar solo at this piece’s apex allows for a break from the lull of peacefulness only to return to its original form. Lo Hi Lo is a pleasant listen at no matter what point you tune in. “Corazon,” this EP’s third cut, is a blatant love song with a vocal melody that is atypical, but peaks interest. The chorus is repetitive, but makes for a fun listen.

Closing with “Twisted Tumble,” the band goes for a more traditional alt pop effort with this track. The guitars remain prominent and focused, while the vocals are more rough-around-the-edges. A more rock-oriented solo part bridges the song, with an exciting, repeating chorus of vocals exclaiming, “It’s so loud!” After the short while that is this EP, any listener would be intrigued to know what would come along with the next step for this band. Hopes are high for the forthcoming full-length.

In A Word: Pleasing