Whoabear: Whoabear

WhoaBear are a duo comprised of Beau Dodson and Adam Penkert. After performing Americana and folk for three years, the band decided to change things up at one of their live shows. Halfway into the performance, they altered their sound into what WhoaBear are known for today. Now making an electronic/alternative sound, the band’s debut self-titled record lets the band explore what they truly love: bringing their energy into the music they create. The album opener, “Idle Sorcerers,” has a dark synth sound which flows well with the vocals. “Not For You” and “Underwater Love” also have this dark, heavy sound with upbeat drums maintaining a constant rhythm. Along with these hooks, some songs also feature bright keys to form a contrast between the two. Tracks like the instrumental “Birdland” and “Long Time” both feature bright hooks while the synth performs as the bass.

My favorite on the album is “Sun Awakes.” With the contrast set between the bright and dark synth/key sounds, the drums add to the rhythm, and the dual vocals work well to round out the song. In addition to the dual vocals, the album features a couple of songs with a distinct vocal pattern. “Rock Em’ Up” and “See Coppa” have a unique pattern, similar to a Red Hot Chili Peppers style.

This is the debut album from two musicians with copious amounts of energy. WhoaBear is where they creatively express themselves and transfer the spirit from their live performance and inject it into whoever is listening. Originally a folk group, Dodson and Penkert found their passion, the ability to produce roaring electronic sounds, and bring others to their feet to dance.

In A Word: Vibrant