Division 1.1: With A Vengeance

Division 1.1 are a metal band from Middlesex, NJ. Drawing influences from bands like Black Sabbath and Pantera, amongst others, Division 1.1 are an explosive combination of their favorite groups. With A Vengeance is a six-song EP that brings together all of these influences and showcases their technical prowess. The opening track, “Freak Show,” begins with quick fretwork and pounding drums with the use of double bass, cymbals and snare. Singer Rob Middleton does a great job jumping from high to low vocals when needed. “Cross To Bear” starts off rapidly before transitioning into a nice rhythm while the drums keep the beat. The title-track features great guitar-work that speeds up and is followed by ferocious drums. A melodic verse follows in which keyboards are joined in to add to the mood of the cut.

“Submission” has elements of progressive rock, displaying Rush’s influence on this local band. The song has lots of energy with its different tone changes and the backing vocals provided. My favorite number on the record is “Violence In Season,” with the guitar playing of John Barone standing out. The riffs throughout the track are heavy and distorted, and it contains a fast-paced and melodic solo that plays over the rhythmic chords. The drums throughout “Animal” are excellent. Brian Brennan uses intense double bass along with a cymbal/snare combination that matches the aggression of the guitars. Along with the melodic and rhythmic parts, the group kicks it up a notch by providing fast riffs, loud drums, and heavy sounds. With lyrics referencing vengeance and justice, the band adds to this hostility already created by the music.

Division 1.1 do a great job of combining their influences and creating original sounding music that is heavy, melodic, and honorable.

In A Word: Reputable