Open Air Studio: Primates

After merely 11 years, Open Air Stereo released their debut album, Primates. Opening with a 60-second instrumental track that can be easily compared to music from Angels And Airwaves, Primates is a bright pop rock record that proves good things come to those who wait. The overall feel reflects a sound collision of Cartel and Coldplay with a strong undertone of Foo Fighters, as “Where Do We Go?” drips with Dave Grohl influence. Personally, I found my favorite to be “Stuck On You” because of the upbeat yet laidback rhythm and catchy chorus: “You got me stuck on you/Stuck on you/Cuz we got nothing to prove/You and I we’ll always get through.” With each song roughly three to four minutes in length, there’s a swift transition between every track, making it an easy listen from start to finish.

One of the shining factors on this 11-track full-length is the squeaky-clean production value. It’s evident from the sound quality and careful construction of hooks, lyrics and guitar riffs that Open Air Studio took their time with Primates to execute a fun and nearly flawless album. However, my main critique would be with the band’s “rock” positioning. This is a catchy, well-constructed record with some rock influences, but its lighthearted pop-driven melodies and choruses classify it more of a vanilla pop rock album, not straight-up rock and roll. Even though Open Air Studio might play it safe, Primates brings something new and enjoyable to the table.

In A Word: Bright