Louna: Behind A Mask

Louna are a hard rock band from Moscow, Russia. After forming in 2008, the group has quickly exploded onto the Russian music scene. They have taken 10 hits from their two CDs already released, and adapted them into English for their first international debut, Behind A Mask. The lyrical content is well written on these tracks, referring to rock music and various social issues in Russia. The voice that bellows these words is Lousine “Lou” Gevorkian, an explosive and energetic lead singer. Her approach does a great job connecting with the urgency and emotional ties that the lyrics create. Numbers like “Business” and “The End Of Peace” display the angst in Gevorkian’s style that matches the lyrics of the social issues at hand. Screams are heard in “My Rock ‘N’ Roll,” “System Destroys” and “Fight Club,” as they alternate between fast and slower-paced sections.

My favorite on the album is the energetic and anthemic “Let’s Get Louder.” This cut features a catchy chorus that includes chanting with the band and great backing vocals. The back-and-forth between rhythm and lead guitar is excellent and best displayed on “Up There.” Bass pedal is used to keep the rhythm on tracks like “Storming Heaven” before the music explodes into an infectious melody.

In an attempt to build their following outside of their home country, this collection of songs includes some of their best work to be displayed. This is a solid album that has a punk attitude and a hard rock sound. Gevorkian’s vocals range from intimate to harsh screams, reflecting the tone of the music and the lyrics. This allows their messages of rock and social issues to be portrayed successfully.

In A Word: Anthemic