Bronze Radio Return: Up, On & Over

Bronze Radio Return are an indie rock/roots band hailing from Hartford, Connecticut. They are composed of six members who all take a key role in developing the group’s original sound, and having multiple vocalists allows them to take part in tremendous harmonies that can be heard throughout the record. “Mister, Mister” might be my favorite cut on the album, as the harmonies stand out over the music. The energy in “Mister, Mister” is then transferred to “Further On,” which features clean chords, clapping, and vocals that lay on top of the kick-drum. Keyboards are used on “Rather Never Know,” “World Spin, Home Spun,” and “Up, On & Over” that keep the mood light and enjoyable. “Melting In My Icebox” is my preferred track on this LP, combining multiple vocals, upbeat drums and keyboards to provide a rather enjoyable listening experience.

Bronze Radio Return are exceptional in combining fun works that have you moving physically to the slow-paced acoustic tunes that move you emotionally. “Above, Below” is a strictly acoustic track that features nothing but a guitar and lead singer Chris Henderson’s vocals. Other songs like “Thick And Thin,” “M.O.T.R. (Middle Of The Road)” and “Gilded Lily” continue to show the softer side of the band. An emphasis is placed on the lyrics and the chemistry between the band members. “All In” displays their songwriting ability, using a harmonica and banjo to fill the gaps in between guitar parts. This musicianship can also be heard on “Sylvan,” which concludes the record on a strong note. Up, On, & Over is an enjoyable album that provides both great vocal harmonies and music. Listening to this record is a unique experience, one that is both fun and relaxing.

In A Word: Brilliant