Boss Keloid: The Calming Influence Of Teeth

Boss Keloid have mastered the riff on their debut full-length, The Calming Influence Of Teeth. Clocking in at about 50 minutes, this UK band knows how to create a massive sound with four members. “Winehorse” starts the album off with an instant groove. Guitars, commanded by Paul Swarbrick, are sludgy, quick, melodic and anything else you could ask for. This is the perfect opening track, giving the listener a preview of what’s to come within the next 45 minutes. Bass kicks off “Locking Stumps” with Swarbrick taking control shortly after. Fast-paced and heavy, there are a few moments where the music stops, continuing after a monstrous drum fill. Hurst’s vocals are near perfect on “Manson Lamps” with his unique combination of singing and shouting that lies over the guitars. Liam Pendlebury-Green’s bass follows the guitar smoothly, adding to the grooviness and heaviness of the band’s sound.

My favorite cut is “One For The Floorboards.” This titan of a track checks in at about five and a half minutes, and every section of the song is outstanding. Ste Arands’ drums take the spotlight, with fills that sit in between the cymbal/snare groove he creates with the guitars.

“Firm Set Of Hordes” features repeating riffs that allow for the vocals to flow smoothly in a consistent pattern. Being a fan of bands like Mastodon, Red Fang and other sludge/stoner metal acts, I greatly enjoyed this record. Composed of four strong musicians, they take their talents to creating one solid LP. The guitar work is phenomenal, with the bass providing an additional layer in the background. The Calming Influence Of Teeth features drums that maintain the groove, allowing for the vocals to impress.

In A Word: Killer