Black Tusk: Tend No Wounds

Tend No Wounds is a six-track EP by the sludge metal band Black Tusk. It starts off with the instrumental piece “A Cold Embrace.” This fast-paced song features pounding drums filled with snare rolls and excellent cymbal work that places emphasis in the right spots. The guitar and bass have an incredible groove to them, which leaves you wanting more. “Enemy Of Reason” is filled with energy, starting off with snare rolls and fast guitars. There is a buildup that is then unleashed during the verse, with heavy snare/cymbal beats and quick but groovy riffs. “The Weak And The Wise” starts off a bit differently, with strings and bass getting the track going. Harsh scream-like vocals follow and lie on top of the “Savannah” sludge sound that the band exemplifies.

“Internal/External” begins with slow, dirty riffs, and then explodes as the guitars get heavier, faster and dirtier. The drums maintain the rhythm, with fills that impress. “Truth Untold” is my favorite track on this disc, with the drums being the biggest highlight for me. The combination of the cymbal/snare beat with the use of the bass pedal brings out the groove. Bass and guitar then come in at different times until the song is in full swing about 30 seconds in. This song is also incredibly melodic with bright guitar riffs at times. “In Days Of Woe” ends the EP on a high note. The guitars are incredibly infectious and heavy while the drums hold down the rhythm.

Black Tusk are often put into the same sentence as Kylesa, Baroness and Mastodon due to the “Savannah” sludge sound. This EP is a solid one, and will hold fans over until the band’s next full-length release.

In A Word: Heavy