About Group: Between The Walls

Following their 2011 release, Start And Complete, About Group brought their own style to the table and created an album that’s dynamic with a touch of chaos. Featuring Alexis Taylor of Hot Chip, Between The Walls is an experimental jam record that draws from primarily psychedelic blues elements, and it can come across as a bit schizophrenic at first. For instance, in “Words,” it doesn’t take long for the lulling blues riffs to transition into a sea of overwhelming high-pitched instruments that build to the point of anxiety.

In “All Is Not Lost,” Taylor sets the tone of Between The Walls and explains the record as a whole when he says, “When I look in the mirror I see/Reality/When I look in my mind I find/A fantasy.” As can be heard during the opening minute of “Make The World Laugh,” one of the major highlights of Between The Walls would be the heavy use of blues guitar. While walking that fine line between reality and fantasy, this full-length is for fans of jam bands and experimental rock with all aspects of commercial music left behind. With 12 tracks lasting just over 40 minutes, some songs range from under two minutes to over six. “I Never Lock That Door” stands out due to its consistency and attractive serenity.

Between The Walls is mellow and rich with different influences of rock while flirting with the idea of chaos.

In A Word: Experimental