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Not really sure what you’re saying here. (EVERYTHING IS DISEASE – Issue: 6/28/13) Are you saying that nothing is a disease? Alcoholism? Diabetes? Cancer? Or is everything considered a disease, and so nothing really is a disease? I mean, I get it. You’re being funny here. But I think also naïve to think that just because the AMA says something is a disease that you believe is overkill does not mean it doesn’t cause harm to a great many people. Obesity is a serious issue in this nation. I think, personally, that you making light of it is beneath even you. I know this column is full of fun and games and playing with our emotions as readers and trying to slant stories even further from reality than you think the actual news may be, but on this one, I think you have tread into a territory you know little to nothing about. In other words, it is just being mean to be mean. It’s cheap and kind of sad.


—Christopher Dahlin


Man that was good, Campion. You have taken the AMA to task in the past, but this is your best one. And actually while being a wise guy you make some serious points about where do we stop on what is a disease and what isn’t. And you’ve made me think long and hard about some of the accepted methods of dealing with behavioral problems like drinking and eating and gambling and sex addictions (never under stood those) and all the others. Look, how do we treat behavior? How do we deal with how people conduct their lives or how they are forced to conduct their lives, which I think you nailed with your “short” analogy. As usual, it’s funny stuff, but it is also an education. I don’t always agree with Reality Check, but it always makes me think.


—P. Rishell


Sure, they make obesity a disease so we can spend billions on researching it and enact all these crazy laws banning shit we might want to eat because some people, actually many people, cannot control themselves. This is how laws are always heaped upon us. All this speculation that makes drugs illegal or whatever. I am sick of it. The AMA is like the FCC, a bunch of nannies. We have to grow up as a nation and take stock in how we live our lives, otherwise the powers that be will take it away from us.



This is pathetic reasoning. You should be ashamed of yourself. There are many people in this country, I am sure friends and family members of yours, that may suffer from obesity and your callousness on the issue is ignorant and troubling, because you have a voice and instead of using that power given to you to trumpet compassion, you instead use it to poke fun and ridicule. What are you trying to accomplish with this trash?


—Allie Nuzzo


Ha! Yeah! You hit that baby on the head! When are we going to take personal responsibility for what we are and stop blaming society and companies and the government? All this crying lately about the government this and the government that! All this whining about what society should do about everything and no one just living their lives!

Why should we be telling anyone they are diseased who may have a problem with something like overeating or forced because of economic reasons or are simply motivated because they have a weakness for cheap, bad fast food? This means we’re diseased? This means we need to be put on medication and coddled like we have cancer or something? This is science run amok! Pills and empathy and all these semantics about diseases are weakening our collective resolve. It is time we put down the shit foods and take care of ourselves. Fucking doctors don’t know anything.

I agree with you 100 percent. I bet you anything some assholes are going to be offended about hearing they are just weak and lazy and want to live their lives in any way they wish and then when the shit hits the fan claim they are diseased. Like these idiots who drink themselves into oblivion or shoot smack or fuck anything in sight and cry like babies about how they’re diseased. This is why half this country is doped up on prescription drugs. Dopers. Lazy ass dopers. This is what the country filled with.





I am overweight and I resent being called diseased.


—Todd L.


“Render unto Caesar” as spoken by Jesus means exactly what the words say. (Last READERS’ RESPONSES) Of course, if you don’t have anything belonging to Caesar, as in my case and we can safely assume in the case of all of those listening to Jesus at the time, the only thing you can give back to Caesar is nothing. Jesus was relying on Scripture, as he often did, wherein it is said at least six times, but best in Psalm 24, verse 1, “The earth is the Lord’s and everything in it,” which leaves nothing for poor old Caesar, and nothing is what Jesus meant his followers should give to thieving Caesar. While his words befuddled the spies the chief priests had sent to “trap him in speech” by asking him “should we pay Caesar’s tax?” when the spies reported back and told the priests what Jesus had said, they knew Jesus had condemned Caesar’s tax. So two days later they sent their henchmen with Judas Iscariot to take Jesus by force. They dragged him before Pilate, who was responsible for collecting Caesar’s tax in Judea, and told him, “We found this man perverting the [Roman] nation, forbidding us to pay taxes to Caesar…He has been stirring up people with his teaching from Galilee where he started all the way here.” (Luke 23:2-5)

So Pilate crucified him.


—Ned Netterville

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