Five Knives: The Rising

Nashville-based synth rock outfit Five Knives are releasing their five-track disc through Red Bull this year. The Rising begins with the album’s first single, “All Fall Down.” It is a technical, slow-building electronic introduction that forms the foundation that exists underneath the extent of the record. The aggressive punk-inspired female vocals of Anna Worstell are at the helm of this track, as the percussion of Shane Wise and digitalized melodies of Zach Hall fill the remainder of the soundscape. Climbing in complexity as it plays, this song allows for the anticipation to build, forcing the ears to hone in.

As the listener falls further into the rabbit hole of The Rising, uncanny parallels between this piece and any given track off of The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo soundtrack arise. Fading in through an undetectable transition, the first track becomes the second one, “Vive Le Roi.” Coming across initially as more of a pop-influenced number, this cut has a trance music feel to it even as the vocalist maintains her rough-around-the-edges vibe. The layered song borders on dubstep at times, but always returns to its musically erratic roots.

On track four, “The Future,” the music leans back into a more dance-oriented direction as a male vocalist is introduced. The chorus lead by guitarist Nathan Barlowe is fairly poppy on this one, deviating from the unpredictability of the previous songs with a message about the world passing you by. It is super upbeat, could practically be played in any contemporary club, and makes way for Worstell to hit some of her cleanest, most widely ranging notes yet.

Five Knives attempt to pull off something in the vein of what Trent Reznor would do. The band shines in structure, but falls short within other categories. The Rising upholds intrigue as it sounds off.

In A Word: Adventurous