Migrant Kids: Migrant Kids

Migrant Kids are a rock band based in Austin, TX. Originally formed in Detroit by two cousins, the band made their way to Austin to work on their self-titled release. Every song on the upcoming self-titled concept album flows beautifully into the next, making it rather enjoyable to listen to. The instrumentation on this record is one of its strong points, especially on the opening track, “Act 1.” Brian O’Flynn’s drumming is superb on this number, which features various drumbeats. He continues to impress on “Lucktear” and “Canvas Of Me” with fills and beats that grab the listener’s attention. The latter song, “Canvas Of Me,” is the standout track on the album. It reminded me a bit of The Antlers, with the electric and acoustic elements forming a wall of sound. As “Canvas Of Me” comes to a close, it slows down and leads right into the next track.

“Hielo” brings out a sense of emotion through terrific music. Mostly instrumental, it features soft but effective vocals that lay in the background. Migrant Kids use vocals as an instrument and mix them in well on “Eyes Removed.” “Blanco” and “Long Distance” use both acoustic and electric guitars, with chords being picked and strummed. The record closes with “Salida,” an instrumental number that ties everything together. Like “Hielo,” the music created brings about emotion, without a need for lyrics.

Migrant Kids is a concept record about the dissolution of a relationship. The use of emotions is conveyed by the mixing of vocals and incredible musicianship. This is the first I have heard of Migrant Kids, and it certainly won’t be the last.

In A Word: Passionate