The Battery Electric: Weaving Spiders

Few bands put out a full-length their first year of formation, and even fewer score themselves a record deal before it’s even finished. Hailing from Asbury Park, The Battery Electric became part of that small margin when they struck a deal with Little Dickman and released their debut, Weaving Spiders, digitally worldwide and on 12” vinyl.

“Re Education” gets Weaving Spiders off to a good start. Guitar and bass open up with a fierce attack before taking up an intricate riff mirrored harmoniously all the way through the track. Guitarist Brent Bergholm and bassist Alex Rosen work uniformly together, creating a strong rhythm and lead section between them. As the lack of multiple instruments in a three-piece group is usually detrimental to a band’s overall sound, this is an impressive feat from the get-go.

Drummer/singer Ron Santee contributes not only with impressive vocalizations that are crystal clear and reminiscent of Americana, but manages to juggle the arduous task of holding the beat for the entire band and providing complex drum fills in between verses.

From “Midnight Queen” to “Coitus,” the album sets fire to a trail that accentuates the intensity and vigor of the band’s style. Sexuality, free thought and anti-political stances are a few recurring themes throughout the record, and are wondrously pronounced in the enthusiasm and energy that each song brings.

In short, Weaving Spiders is terrific for a freshman release. Classic rock and blues influences are clearly prominent throughout, and it creates a solid foundation. The Battery Electric did a phenomenal job putting their debut together, doing so with a vocalist and drummer who undertook the difficult task of filling both positions and executing exceptionally well.

In A Word: Commendable