American Sharks: American Sharks

American Sharks are a three-piece rock outfit from Austin, Texas. Although their debut record consists of nine tracks totaling a little over 20 minutes, it doesn’t take away from the quality or reputability of the music. Each song has a driving force that is produced by the Nick Cornetti’s pummeling drums, Mike Hardin’s vocals and heavy basslines, and guitarist Will Ellis’ rhythmic and melodic riffs. The LP begins with “Iron Lungs,” a cut that features fuzzed-out guitars and a bassline that’s dark and heavy. Cornetti kicks off “Satan’s Overture Pt. 1” by playing with an incredible speed and ferocity before he lets loose with a combination of tom and snare beats. These beats also help maintain a dark and sinister tone on “Indian Man.”

The sound American Sharks creates is so massive that it’s hard to believe it’s created by a trio of musicians. “Demon With A Glass Sword” is a prime example of the band’s fullness. Beginning with the drums, the guitar and bass come in one at a time. As the bass enters, the production done by Bryan Richie of The Sword allows all three to kick into gear and showcase the group’s relentless ferocity. On “Cocaine,” the fuzzed-out bass follows the guitar riff, allowing Ellis to hit some melodic notes. With driving riffs and energetic drums, “Overdrive” and “Freak Out” are over in just about two minutes each.

If I had one complaint or negative note on this record, it would be that I wish there was more. Each song is a race to the finish in a typical Ramones fashion, ending within three minutes. For those who enjoy bands like Torche and Red Fang, this album follows the same hard rock style in a succinct delivery.

In A Word: Unrelenting