Maria Mar’s Local Radar: The Battery Electric

It’s Wednesday again, which means Local Radar is upon us. I had such a tough time deciding what act to write about this week, as I have so many choices! Hey, no complaints here, it’s a great problem to have. In fact, the best problem I could ask for. Thanks to everyone who sent their love on the bands we have spotlighted in the past few weeks, for I am assuming this means you have a lot of new bands in your library! So, after some narrowing down, I decided to focus on a band that I recently had on my show that has a solid, enjoyable sound, and a growing fanbase. They also have no hate and no fakeness—just good rhythm and great lyrics. In addition, they have the type of record that you can play from start to finish while driving home from work with the windows down, with no craps to give. The more and more I open my ears, the more I realize how much buzz is going on about this act. So let’s break it here with a group I am excited to talk about, The Battery Electric!

The Battery Electric place themselves in the category of American rock, and it fits them well. A powerhouse three-piece with members Ron, Brent and Alex, they call Asbury Park home. Fittingly, they’re on board with the Asbury-based record label, Little Dickman Records. I first heard of this band through the CD sampler that the record label put out, which features a ton of good local artists, including one of my personal favorites, Wreaths. I recently featured their music on my show and it got a great response, which is exactly what I expected. Featuring tunes off their full-length, Weaving Spiders, nearly every track on the record is radio friendly. What do I mean by this? Well, I’m not sitting here saying they sound like every rock band the Rat plays, but their music is chorus-filled, clean, hard, and great quality. It’s rare to find an album in which I enjoy every song, but there is no filler on this release at all. I could pick any song out of the 10 to spotlight, and would be content with that decision. When I first looked at the cover of Weaving Spiders, the band just oozed out cool. We won’t judge the book by the cover, but in this case, it’s accurate. So, what makes it so great? Well, I will fill you in, but you should still listen for yourselves.

The band takes full advantage of their three-piece lineup. Each member is equally as strong, backing one another the way a six-piece would. Oh, and did I mention that their drummer is the lead vocalist? When is the last time you saw that work out well? We could bring up a few names, but it’s rare, and that alone should make you interested in this group. I cannot imagine how difficult that must be. Sure, other members provide backing, though this is still a tough challenge that is performed flawlessly. Ron’s tight, massive, hit-you-in-the-face drums are completely spotlighted on this record. Not only can he play, but the man can sing! He delivers a somewhat down and dirty, whisky-soaked vocal that almost brings me to an era of Southern rock. Brent’s guitars are so strong and well delivered while Alex’s basslines are locomotive and reliable. When you combine all three of these weapons together, you have complete rock and roll destruction. Their hard-driving rock sound is extremely refreshing, for it is just what it appears to be: raw, uncut talent staying true to their genre, though listeners across the board can find it appealing. These three men are a prime, noteworthy example for aspiring musicians looking for a lesson on pure energy. I’m not going to try comparing them to another band; however, it’s obvious they have borrowed from some blusier-oriented rock artists of our past. They’ve done it properly, and released a debut record of pure fury. Basically, they push against the wall to maintain their sound while infusing just the perfect amount of bluesy attitude.

If I had to pick a favorite track on the record, it would probably be “Midnight Queen” or “Broker.” I don’t have a particular reason why, though they stick out in my mind the most. Maybe it’s the lyrics or leadoff single potential, but they are my personal favorites. Plus, if you had to have a slight taste of their sound to help make your mind up about purchasing the release, those two give a great sample. Don’t let that discourage you from embarking into all of their material, however. Trust me, it should be done. Keep a close eye on this band.

If I haven’t done enough to convince you to check out The Battery Electric, I highly suggest you catch them at The Stone Pony on Oct. 31. Let the live set make up your mind! If you want to see a band that has a natural approach that many other acts strive to have—raw swagger, genuine talent, etc.—this is the band for you. As I previously stated, keep an eye out for them, for I have a feeling this is just the beginning. If I were you, I’d take full advantage of being able to see these guys in a small venue, as I don’t know how long that will last. Until next week, I will continue to spin, review, and support local music, so follow in my footsteps!