On The High Seas With Sir Ivan

For rockers and regular folks, the term “Hamptons party” might invoke the image of conservatively-dressed blue bloods sipping wine, schmoozing and bemoaning their first world problems. Sir Ivan’s “Sinners & Sailors” shindig was not that party. It was way more fun. Pop singer and creator of the Peaceman Foundation, Sir Ivan is the bad boy of the Hamptons. His castle abode has been called the Playboy Mansion of the East Coast, and it lived up to that reputation on September 1, as a few hundred of his friends and associates descended upon his property dressed as sailors and burlesque dancers to eat, drink and party the night away to thumping house music. Dina Lohan and former NY Jet/new CBS sports commentator Bart Scott were among the throng. At one point, “Admiral” Sir Ivan ordered his guests to resume drinking and dancing and warned that any public fornicating would result in being thrown in the brig (near the bar). Judging from the scantily clad beauties hanging around there, that wasn’t a bad place to be.

The big, bold bash (aboard the “U.S.S. Sir Ivan’s Castle” draped and stationed at the “Port Of Peaceman”) was a thank you to the people who have donated generously to his Peaceman Foundation, which tackles hatred, violence and P.T.S.D. and supports Wounded Warriors Project. Sir Ivan—who has notched Top 10 Billboard dance singles and appearances on VH1, Bravo and Syfy—is working on a new anti-bullying song (“Kiss All The Bullies Goodbye”) for early 2014. There will undoubtedly be another wild party for that too.