Maria Mar’s Local Radar: Young Rising Sons

Local music fans, it’s about that time to spotlight some artists! 2013 has been an incredible year to say the least, and I want to keep the momentum going for next year. That being said, if you know of any bands or are a musician putting out some new music that you need everyone in the area to know about, be sure to share it with me!

This week, I am going to spotlight a group that is fresh, hip, talented and definitely getting a ton of buzz. They call themselves Young Rising Sons, and ironically enough, they are young, rising, and well, they have to be the sons of somebody! If you are looking for something that can satisfy all of your musical cravings, this is the band for you. They classify themselves as “rock,” but in my opinion, rock has always been a very broad word that is hard to strictly define. It combines many styles and sounds these days, but I feel it’s anything that gives me a little kick in the ass. Of course, that is a whole other conversation that I could write a full column on, but we will save that one for a rainy day. I like sharp, clear, unique sounds, and this is what these boys give me in a heavy dosage.

Young Rising Sons are a four-piece from Leonardo, New Jersey, with all the attributes of superstardom. I first heard of them a few weeks ago, for they were about to play a show at the Wonder Bar in Asbury Park with my friends in Only Living Boy. I am an instant fan of pretty much any band that plays with Only Living Boy because I completely adore their sound, so that already put them ahead of the game. However, I naturally wanted to make my own assumption, so I went on a mission to learn more about these young lads. I would be eager to sit down with them and get some information on how they met, how long they’ve been together and what their goals are, since I am still as new to their sound as you are, meaning we’re all in this together.

The first song I spun was “I Want It All,” and I found myself instantly intrigued. Maybe it was the vintage feel of their music video for the track, which is in black and white, or maybe it was the addictively fulfilling chorus, for after all, who doesn’t want it all? This track was definitely the right choice for a single, though there is so much more to them than this. Sometimes bands don’t have the staying power after their one solid single, or you tend to find the rest of the album disappointing. However, with these guys, that could be the furthest thing from the truth. If you like a “move to the music” mentality, this one is for you.

Their entire EP, Highway Town, can be downloaded for free on their website. Not to digress too much, but I always have a strong respect for bands that let their fans access their content for free. I think it shows a lot of character and that they are in this game for all the right reasons: because they love it. They clearly aren’t money hungry and want their fans to sample and enjoy their product without receiving any reward other than some sort of reaction along the lines of, “That music is awesome.” And trust me, that is exactly what you will tell them.

Next, I want to talk about another track on the record, “Broken Hearted Travelin’ Man,” and I really want you guys to check this one out. It has that stripped down, raw, rock and roll feel that makes you want to pour a glass of whisky and dance on top of the bar. From the opening riff on this cut, you know you are hearing an instant radio anthem. This song exemplifies how tight they are as a group, with the gigantic hit-you-in-the-gut drums, the locomotive and reliable basslines, solid guitar work and, of course, powerhouse vocals. They prove on this one that they are not just rockers, but have that sort of pop mindset that you respect as well, with vocal harmony and mild rhythmic syncopation. Basically, I mean that I can see this being a Top 40 hit without selling out.

“Barcelona” is another song I highly recommend. It shows an obvious softer side of the band, really allowing you to hear the vocal range. Plus, I feel out of all their tracks, this one has the deepest lyrical meaning. One of the strongest qualities of this group is that they can set the mood for a dinner date just as quick as they can pull you out of your seats and onto the dance floor, and that is sometimes hard for bands to do.

Young Rising Sons have really caught my attention, and I think they are just beginning their path to success. There are other tracks on Highway Town that you want to check out as well, so be sure to download the whole EP for free. If you want to learn even more about this band, go to or check out their social media pages. Roll your windows down, go for a nice ride along the ocean, and blare their tunes at the top of your lungs. I will be back next week, same place and same location, to talk about all of the local goodness that we have in this area! And, of course, don’t forget that I am always taking musical suggestions! In the meantime, keep rocking and maybe even make yourself a little local holiday playlist! Hmm, I smell a good idea brewing…