Spindrift: Ghost Of The West

Spindrift is a collection of psychedelic rock artists from bands like The Brian Jonestown Massacre, The Warlocks and Psychic TV. Fronted by Kirpatrick Thomas, the group hit the road in 2012 as a part of their Ghost Town tour, where they visited more than 20 of America’s Western ghost towns. The band had these visits documented and is set for a 2014 release. Ghost Of The West will also be the soundtrack to the film, composed of 15 tracks that represent new music from Spindrift and their take on some Spaghetti Western classics. “Ghosts Go West” starts off with a great bassline that holds out the low end as twangy guitars kick in. “The Matador & The Fuzz” shows off the band’s extreme talent and instrumentation, showcasing their ability to blend both fast and slower paced sections.

“Paniolos On Rhe Range” is another Spindrift original track that features nice contrasts between high and low notes between the guitars and bass. “Mudhead” features catchy guitar riffs and has a bright and upbeat feel to it, proving to be one of the more fun tracks on the record to listen to. This record also features 11 classics performed by the group, with some of the songs dating back to the 1930s. “Buffalo Dream” continues to display the band’s ability to contrast different sounds with Thomas’ low vocals laying over the acoustic chords and psychedelic instrumentation. “Ghost Riders In The Sky” is one of the few tracks I knew before giving the record a listen. That being said, Spindrift did a great job making it their own.

This is an interesting project from a talented band. Although I wouldn’t normally listen to a genre like this, I am glad I did.

In A Word: Unique