Implants: From Chaos To Order

Alternative-punk supergroup Implants—made up of vocalist Ken Conte (The Tank), guitarists Rob Ramos (Strung Out) and Jim Blowers (Pulley), bassist Chris Del Rio and drummer Chris Dalley of Ten Foot Pole—released their debut record, From Chaos To Order, earlier this year. The punk veterans decided to come together to create music that would take them back to their roots, paying homage to the bands that influenced them as kids.

Each track on From Chaos To Order is poppy, fast and full of energy. As soon as the LP opens with “Life Passes,” the audience immediately knows what they are getting, with its in-your-face drum beats and simple chords. While the album is mostly a punk record, there are some slight undertones of metal throughout the disc. “Unveiling” has tighter guitars that definitely take direction from ’80s metal. “Mutualism” is another example of this, featuring a melodic guitar solo toward the end of the track.

The record’s finale, “El Ron,” takes on the subject of religion, specifically Scientology, with the title referring to its founder, L. Ron Hubbard. This is the most structurally diverse track on the disc, opening with a few seconds of a ringing organ (which makes sense once it is clear what the song’s subject matter is) and closes with a vintage broadcast of a newscaster recounting how one of the Scientologists he interviewed called Hubbard their “savior” and his “commodore.”

Though at times it gets a little difficult to distinguish one song from another, From Chaos To Order is a fun record, and Implants seem to have accomplished what they wanted to, which was to play the music that they cherished. This is sure to be a release welcomed by fans of their respective bands as well as others who share their love for old-school pop punk.

In A Word: Enjoyable