Gama Bomb: The Terror Tapes

Northern Ireland thrashers Gama Bomb have just put out their fourth album, The Terror Tapes, which has a strong crossover-thrash feel throughout. “The Wrong Stuff” is the album opener and immediately begins the disc in a proper way. With no useless intro, it is very energetic and intense, with shouts and belts heard throughout.

“Terrorscape” has a very tight sound with some fun up and down solos, featuring extremely fast drumming. “Backwards Bible,” the third track, kicks off with a quick drum solo and maintains a frenetic speed with the singing and soloing.

The album ends with an immensely furious thrasher in “Wrecking Ball.” Philly Byrne’s vocals are heard rotating back and forth from a furious, almost early Exodus-type panic, followed by a well-done series of sustained vocals that appear throughout the album.

Across the board, it’s very action packed, and for the fourth full-length in Gama Bomb’s discography, real progression and maturity is seen. In addition, there is still some of the comical charm that other thrash bands in the new wave scene sacrificed to give their music a bit of a darker edge. This album should heavily appeal to most new age and old-school thrashers.

In A Word: Relentless