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There is so much truth in this column it is hard to respond to it all. (IT CAME FROM NEW JERSEY—Issue: 11/13/13) But suffice to say the Republican Party is a barely breathing national entity. It only exists now because of local elections, mainly in the South and Midwest (a preponderance of statistical data back this, but the most telling is that Republicans routinely lose out in general voting numbers but gerrymandering has kept their presence alive in the Congress, which has more or less become a breeding ground for obstructionists). Christie winning in a blue state and garnishing much of the now-lost to Republicans, Hispanic, women and African-American vote makes him a desirable national candidate.

Although I mostly vote Republican, and am a former registered one, I have been dismayed by most of its platform (mainly social ones) over the past decade, but really it is the TEA Party and its off-shoot candidates, many of them the “nut” contingent that you jokingly referred to here, which has made it terribly hard to take the party seriously. I am sickened to ever have to vote for the over-reaching federal government Democrats with its adherence to over-regulation, anti-corporate viewpoints and, of course, this disastrous Obamacare nonsense that will sink us all.

But however much I held my nose and tried to defend Mitt Romney last year, it became increasingly difficult to see him actually being president. Hillary Clinton, as mentioned, will run and be tough to beat with all the negative national numbers facing a proposed Republican national ticket. Christie changes all that for me, a moderate fiscal-centric Republican not obsessed with birth control, abortion, gay issues or gun fetishes. I can see voting with pride for him and others who are not Republican or turned off by lunatics like Ted Cruz or Rand Paul.

Either that or it’s the vote-against axiom, and I am tiring of that, believe me.

Nice piece, and well done. I agree with it all and hope it comes to fruition for us non-radical and fiscally responsible Republicans.


—S. Miles


First of all, yes James, of course he will run. Secondly, he is a fat piece of self-promoting turd. Third, he stands a good chance of winning the presidency when he does run. And why not? Let’s face it, the best days we have had recently as a nation were when the current government was shut down. Those IRS pricks left me alone for a few weeks and, as we all knew it would, life carried on. Bring on the next Gipper. Does it really matter at this point? It’s that time of the treadmill where we bring in the boisterous clown-man to shout rhetoric and make us feel like we are riding shotgun with The Duke across the mesas. If we are going bottoms-up into the abyss, let’s do it with a feel-good smile on our faces. It will be interesting, though, to see what unfolds after he suffers his fatal coronary during his first term. This will take our minds off of the global slaughter for a few months at least.




Christie ain’t running for shit. By the time we in the TEA Party get done with his Bammy-hugging ass, he will want electroshock therapy to get Iowa out of his mind. Remember, Republican primary results are driven by the conservative, TEA Party right. The national party may want him but they are going to have to seriously infuse cash into his liberal ass and carry him across the finish line. We in the TEA Party will make short work of him.



—Bill Roberts


The one thing I like about Chris Christie is that he is the living emblem of our times: “Win at all costs. It doesn’t matter at all whether you can do the job, or if you’re even interested in the job. If it pays well, go all in. If it’s a clear step to the next level, stop at nothing to make it happen for yourself.”

I was troubled for quite some time about the resemblance—no, identical appearance—of pols and high-level corporate executives. Fortunately, the past few years (and the looming “new” international trade agreement, but that’s another story) have made it clear that the politicians are working for the corporations. At least it’s possible to know where you stand.

Notice how, as with corporations, we aren’t the customer, we are the users. The customers are the investors. Who invests in government, i.e., candidates? Who got the government to let them give as much as they want, anonymously? To whom is the politician’s fealty owed?

Check the market. They’re all there. You can invest in them, but remember: When a corporation fails in these United States, We The Holders Of Common Stock get paid last. After the ex-employees of the failed corporation.


—Brad Morrison



Nice recap of Christie’s big win. The only flaw is when you state, “Will that kind of fight alienate the nuts; a key GOP demographic these days.”

Well, I am definitely a part of the group of “Nuts” you refer to: hard-working, taxpaying, Constitution-loving Americans who are just trying to support their families, who also enjoy liberty and the freedom to drink Sam Adams, smoke Ashtons, eat Big Macs, drink 44oz sodas if they so damn happen to feel like it. The Tea Party IS growing big time. How in the world do you explain Cuccinelli’s one-point loss after being outspent 10 to 1 in the final two weeks to McAuliffe? The Christie-like centrist Republicans, who still control the GOP purse strings, walked away from him completely. Christie refused to stump for him too and he damn near won.

TEA Party folks are nothing more than TRUE conservatives. The centrist brand of Republicans—McConnell, Graham, Christie, McCain, Romney, Dole, etc.—are all losers and are not true conservatives…period (just like the Prez says!).

I do agree that Christie will be offered up as the next “Great White Hope” for 2016, but unfortunately, the results will be very similar to…Gerry Cooney!



—Don Brown Jr.

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