Julius Seizure: Trials

Julius Seizure are a local metal band, hailing from Clifton, NJ. In August 2013, they released their EP, Trials, with vocalist Charlie Corletta. The band follows a DIY approach, being heavily involved in all aspects of their music, including the recording of this EP. The album begins with a judge banging his gavel and asking for order in “Chance,” before erupting into mayhem. The first thing I noticed on this track was the immediate use of double bass and heavy riffs before getting into the verse. Although this song has lots of speed and fast pieces, the use of two guitarists allows one of them to play melodic notes that stand out in the background, which is a very solid technique that Julius Seizure excel at. “Trials” begins with a calm opening on piano before the guitars kick in along with a thrashy drum beat.

Corletta showcases his vocal range throughout this EP as he transitions from harsh to clean vocals. His range is seen throughout the record and works well with the rest of the music. “Sixth And Falling” displays these strong vocals as well as the band’s chemistry together. The drums are a big highlight for me on this cut, with excellent rhythm while still standing out in various sections. In “Tmsnev,” syncopated riffs lay over the fantastic groundwork brought on by the rhythm section, producing a full sound.

This EP provides some insight into what Julius Seizure have been up to. They continue to play local shows at various venues and improve and develop their own unique sound, which has put them in the heart of the New Jersey metal community.

In A Word: Solid