Kill Lincoln: That’s Cool… In A Totally Negative And Destructive Way

Washington, D.C. natives Kill Lincoln have returned with their sophomore disc, That’s Cool… In A Totally Negative And Destructive Way, which was released earlier this year. As with their debut album, You Were There, the group combines pop punk with ska—including a brass section that consists of trombonists Hank Hotez and Alan Moore alongside saxophonist Matt Ellis—as well as occasionally incorporating elements of old-school punk rock, which isn’t surprising considering their D.C. roots.

The first single off the 10-song tracklist, “Wake. Wait. Repeat,” is a perfect example of what to expect throughout the rest of the LP, showcasing the brass section, varying tempos, and vocalist/guitarist Mike Sosinski’s poppy, melodic voice. “Dad Fight,” the heaviest track on the record, complete with screaming gang vocals, is also unique for its quirky lyrics (“Dads converge in a fight to the death/Beer guts and corn nuts and stale dad breath/This pop is a can that is about to explode”) and finishes with a peaceful guitar riff that serves as an interlude to the next track, “Suburban Whoa.” This song also starts off a bit heavier with chugging guitars before the trombones bring in the catchy hook of the chorus.

Though the album is enjoyable and fun, it doesn’t differ much from other pop-punk records and artists out right now. That’s Cool… In A Totally Negative And Destructive Way is predictable in song structure and subject matter, as the majority of the tracks deal with living in suburbia and a recent college graduate experiencing a quarter-life crisis. Regardless, it will be a welcome release for fans of this genre.

In A Word: Lively