This Is A Lifetime: Clarity

Clarity certainly makes me yearn for more from this band. Although this is their fifth EP since the group formed in 2010, this is the first I’m hearing of them. They’re certainly no secret to those in their local scene in Northeast Ohio. With their newest addition, vocalist Stevie, formerly of Abandon All Hope, I don’t see them slowing down anytime soon! This five-song EP gets my blood flowing in its 20-minute duration, and makes me want to see them that much more when they hit the road this spring.

The message each track gets across displays anger, aggression, and self-realization. The overall mood of Clarity, to me, is a journey from being let down and then the discovery of self-worth. Just listen to the lyrics in “Ascend,” where there’s the positive message of never giving up on yourself: “I’ve got a date with impossible/It isn’t over until I say it is/I always seek out what’s impossible and I won’t stop searching/‘Til I find a miracle.”

While listening to the EP, the blend of the clean vocals, screams and musical transitions were somewhat reminiscent of a mashup of A Day To Remember and Killswitch Engage. On Clarity, This Is A Lifetime show that they still uphold their roots as a pop punk band from when they started out with their catchy choruses. However, with Stevie’s screams, growls and the assistance of clean vocals provided by Mike, in addition to heavier guitars, their progressive and heavier sound shines through.

In A Word: Intriguing