Epique: Relapse Love

If you were looking for that brand new sound full of familiarity, as well as originality to hit the club and party to, look no further. The new single from Epique, Relapse Love, is every bit as fun and smoothed out as anything he’s put out so far.

Relapse Love opens softly with wholehearted lyrics, reeling the listener in from the first 30 seconds, and just as quickly hooks with DJ-style fades and various filters that give the single that kick in the door it needs to stick. The earworm you’ll have following the initial play will keep this song in your head all day, which is good news for anyone looking for something brand new and refreshing.

All in all, the single is a terrific combination of meaningful lyrics and fresh mixes that save it from the doom of obscurity that comes with the territory. Ari Leff has certainly hit his high note, and given his track record of great tunes, that shouldn’t be surprising.

In A Word: Refreshing