Slothrust: Of Course You Do

Summarizing their strange sound as blues-influenced grunge, Brooklyn-based trio Slothrust bring to the table their forthcoming album, Of Course You Do. With a few full-lengths under their belt, the band defines their style by recollecting the intensity of the “Seattle sound” while incorporating refreshing elements of indie punk. Through the spontaneous input of soft melodies combined with furiously distorted guitar tones, the group introduces their own innovative twist on these genres.

Of Course You Do starts off with “Cubicle,” which presents a lighthearted surf punk vibe that chaotically switches between soft bluesy chords and fuzzed-out riffs. Other face-melting tunes such as “Juice” and “The Couch Incident” dish out ear-shattering characteristics that recollect the rough-around-the-edges quality of Nirvana’s Bleach, as well as the sporadic nature of the Pixies’ Surfer Rosa.

Somewhere within the halfway point of the record is where the band’s dynamic drastically changes. Shifting gears toward a soothing sound at times, songs like “Homewreck Wifey,” “Not Eye Candy” and “Magnets,” which is separated into two parts, practically pay homage to Modest Mouse by transitioning into a captivating indie rock tone. While OCYD randomly take on different personalities, “7:30 a.m.” and “Beowulf” are songs that blend together contemporary influences, which electrifies Slothrust’s experimental alternative style.

Overall, Of Course You Do is a raw yet innovative album that reflects upon the group’s unique methods of genre mixing. Through their impromptu musicianship, avid ‘90s college rock connoisseurs would easily recognize Slothrust’s Pixies-like persona, which clashes with the blissful inspiration of bands like Built To Spill and Modest Mouse. This fascinating album speaks to the absurd and untamed nature of alternative rock lovers, while appealing to indie punk listeners.

In A Word: Intriguing