Reality Check: Readers’ Responses

Okay, I get it. Christie fucked up. (LAST CHANCE POWER DRIVE – Issue: 1/5/14) But enough already with these obsessions. The Left got on the Right for obsessing on Benghazi and now this? It is getting ridiculous. The man stood up and took the heat. He said he didn’t know about these bridge dealings and the investigation will, I guess, bear this out one way or the other. It is the rush to judgment that is at issue here—and I am not saying that this applies to you, as you mentioned in the piece, it is more about political fallout and the demise of Christie’s Teflon run. That is true. It is over. And I am sure his shaky run for president in 2016 has been damaged. I say shaky because he is not beloved in his own party and he would likely get a serious pounding in a primary, but as far as guilt-v-innocence, this is a classic case of public opinion and media fabrication. There is no guilt or innocence yet. That has to be determined.

I was reminded recently while watching the brilliant Neflix series House Of Cards that the appearance of impropriety in an administration is always enough to get the Scarlet Letter, like Clinton being investigated for iffy land deals and getting busted lying about blowjobs. Or Nixon busting Alger Hiss to become the Commie Hunter, when he proved nothing except Hiss lied about having met someone. Judge and Jury should not be played out in the press or with the public. You go on all the time in this column about marriage equality not to be decided, like civil rights, in a vote or in public opinion polls or with religious groups. The law protects all, even governors. I say, let it play out.

And if Christie is innocent, or at least “not guilty,” then there needs to be some serious backtracking by MSNBC and these other media outlets who have already lynched him.


—George T.


Christie is scum. He has always been scum. And now the scum has risen above his fat head and he wants to cry victim? Isn’t that the sort of whiny bullshit conservatives are always bitching about when liberals hide behind victim-hood? What a joke this asshole is. He has been waddling around this state like a Mafioso for years, cursing out people in town hall meetings who dare oppose him, acting as if he invented bipartisanship, refusing to set up a health care exchange to ease the burden of the ACA like they do in NY state, which is working there, right next door, yet when he needs the federal government’s assistance he is kissing the president’s ass and bitching about not enough influx of tax dollars to rebuild his shore.

Christie is a hypocrite and a bully and he is finally getting outed for being so full of himself. It is unwatchable. I hope to God he is impeached. I’m embarrassed to be a Jersey resident. Fuck him.





Personally, I think the Right is as responsible for these relentless attacks on our governor as much as the Left. This is a travesty. And I think unless Republicans get their head out of their asses and stop backing extremist idiots and start to understand the electorate and the shift of history on social issues and to better appeal to independents on the national level, they will never be a national party and never gain the presidency for a generation.

Now, the good thing is this president has been such a disappointment and his wretched Obamacare has done him in so much that Republicans will own Congress for some time. But that has a shelf life, because Congress is shit and will never get anything done with a Democrat in the White House, and after Hillary Clinton wins again against some moron like Rand Paul or Ted Cruz, then maybe we will learn how it’s done and bemoan crushing Chris Christie’s hopes by being simpleminded and not seeing the bigger picture.


—F. Gimbel



I see a whole different way. (PREDULE TO IRRELEVANCE – Issue: 2/5/14) Barack Obama was never “Joe Cool.” That was an image created and perpetuated by a fawning media. The real Barack Obama is a man unaccompanied by a resume of achievements worthy of the Presidency. He was the only Harvard Law Review editor to be unpublished. He was voted “Present” more times than any other legislator in Illinois state history and his election to the U.S Senate was cloaked in scandal.

I did not watch this year’s State of the Union address because I knew it was going to be a rerun of last year’s and the year before that. He has one trick and that trick only works when his teleprompter does.

His goals remain unchanged because they remain unaccomplished. Not because of a do nothing Congress but because those congresspeople need to get re-elected and they hear from We The People that we don’t want what Obama is selling.

You fall into the trap of most other journalists. You decry and moan about the unpopularity of Congress but you seem to miss the second part of that polling question. How they feel about their own Congressional Representative. Many folks will answer that polling question like this: “I hate Congress, but my guy is okay.”

As for the future of Congress, who knows? As long as there is a United States, there will be a Congress. There has to lest some over ambitious politician try to truly create an Imperial Presidency. At that point, we truly indeed are fucked. I don’t see it sliding that far downhill but hey…ya never know.



—Bill Roberts


There was a backlash of sorts to Dubya for his actions during his presidency and we as a country continue to hold him accountable for the war(s) but what about Pelosi and Obama regarding the AFA? Don’t you think Pelosi should be held accountable (i.e. fired) for pushing through a monstrosity she didn’t even read, that is now causing millions of people to suffer? Shouldn’t Obama also face the consequences of over six million people losing perfectly good health insurance that worked for them, after promising we could keep our doctors and our insurance? Did it occur to anyone that maybe Congress is preventing Obama from doing anything because of what he’s done already, in an effort to prevent him from doing any more damage until we can get him out of the White House?

Whatever happened to accountability and holding people to account for their actions? People are too afraid, too worried, too fucking politically correct, dare I say too stupid, to understand what failure to hold people accountable means and the suffering that ensues because of it. Again, I bring up Ted Cruz. He may not be the perfect candidate but he alone had the balls to stand up and try to stop the AFA in its tracks, futile as that may have ended up being. I still don’t understand why he was vilified, even though proven entirely right, and Obama was not. What gives? Where is our common sense?


—Elizabeth Vengen, Esq.


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