Pacific Mean Time: Pacific Mean Time

This year, Pacific Mean Time will be releasing their upcoming debut self-titled album. Featuring members from the well-established Portland, Oregon-based group Little Beirut, PMT pick up right where they left off by introducing a fully reincarnated instrumental technique that cherishes the soothing esthetics of LB’s captivating indie rock style, while adding a refreshing and innovative ambient twist into their musicianship.

Through intriguing hooks and vibrant choruses that will instantly grab your attention, Pacific Mean Time’s eccentric stylings provide exciting qualities that are developed from the unique combination of melodic harmonies and electronic sampling. “Minutes To Midnight” is a quintessential alternative single that provides you with a pleasurable listening experience. Throughout “Minutes To Midnight,” PMT incorporate fascinating musical elements that blend together their upbeat indie pop persona with their sample-heavy approach.

Another interesting quality about the opening tracks of this record is the fact that you become immediately introduced to the band’s blissful sound from the very beginning. As “Minutes To Midnight” makes its graceful walk into the next standalone track, “New Blood,” the momentum of this full-length continues to skyrocket with another jubilant tune to appease your senses. While Pacific Mean Time varies between comforting melodies and extravagant tempos, this outlet occasionally breaks from its energetic style by leaning towards introspective tendencies catered by the enlightening atmosphere of “Bo Derek” and “Straight Shot Towards The Sun.” Taking similar vocal cues to Ben Gibbard, these two songs will bring you back to those transitional adolescent days when you first discovered The Postal Service, along the meaning of life.

While hearing Pacific Mean Time for the first time, the positive impression attained from its favorable tone will easily piece together sincere nostalgia. With these memories fresh in perspective, it is guaranteed that Pacific Mean Time will become a new and thrilling soundtrack to help you create new memories when reflecting back on past feelings.

In A Word: Extravagant