Glass Wands: Glass Wands

Brooks Tipton has finally stepped forward from contributing quietly behind the keys to bringing to life a refreshingly introspective project, Glass Wands. Throughout the last decade, Tipton has recorded and collaborated with a variety of artists, including Colour Revolt, Thursday and Bear Colony, while recently joining forces with The Secret Sisters. To add to his résumé, Tipton unveils Glass Wands’ debut self-titled album, which was released in March. What uniquely separates this full-length apart from everything that Tipton has accomplished prior to forming Glass Wands are the captivating qualities that he instills musically within the production of this ingenious outlet.

Providing a dissonant yet ambient sound through the incorporation of temperamental production, this instrumental envision perfectly showcases Tipton in his natural environment. Throughout this record, Tipton’s mellowed scores capture impelling sensations with poise and grace. These elements can be identified through his excessive and vibrant use of soft and simplistic tones, which invoke articulate imagery that engages his audience with extraordinary yet alluring emotions.

While Glass Wands at times establishes powerful dispositions through somber melodies, Tipton incorporates astounding musical stylings that provide lighthearted and colorful settings for you to behold. Though main singles like “Black Pond,” “Death Of The Shining Symbols” and “Anchor” attract you with delicate piano harmonies, Tipton also strongly acquaints listeners to atmospheric components that break away from Glass Wands’ melancholy backdrop. Embracing technically produced samplings and drum fills, “Out To Sea,” “Crashed Jets” and “Services” present intriguing electronic-based characteristics that remarkably brighten the mood of this release.

Glass Wands is a blissful entity that strays away the energetic charisma, which has been consistently recognized throughout Tipton’s former projects. While fully grasping the soothing arrangements presented within each composition, it is guaranteed that you will become so overwhelmingly empowered by Glass Wands that you wouldn’t even realize how quickly time has passed. This effort definitely exemplifies Tipton’s talents while also distinguishing himself as a brilliant solo artist.

In A Word: Soothing