Trophy Scars: Holy Vacants

Throughout the years, Trophy Scars have established themselves by expanding their musical horizons. From their humble beginnings as a young and eccentric entity, early releases like Hospital Music For The Aesthetics Of Language and Goodnight Alchemy truly captured the raw abrasiveness of their explosive post-hardcore sound. Progressing forward down the road, later material including Bad Luck introduced a dramatic transition in style by gearings toward an innovative and exploratory approach.

Originally based on a 35-page screenplay conceived by frontman Jerry Jones, this New Jersey-based quartet brings to life their fourth full-length, Holy Vacants. As a follow-up to their last LP, Never Born, Never Dead, Holy Vacants was a refreshing work in progress that took two years in the making.

Even though the band has completely branched away from their chaotically-driven roots, their previously aggressive stylings are slightly revisited in songs like “Qeres,” “Burning Mirror” and “Hagiophobia.” To add to the spontaneity of this record, guitarist John Ferrara and drummer Brian Ferrara provide impulsive yet fascinating signatures, which complements Holy Vacants’ complex imagery throughout.

Illustrating an exhilarating narrative that follows two lovers who become viciously hung up on the idealization of obtaining eternal youth, Holy Vacants’ opener, “Extant,” sets the stage for the remainder of the album with an anecdote that sheds light on the leading roles of this tale. While this mesmerizing interlude immediately draws you in with an atmospheric bluesy tone, Jones also lyrically touches upon the tragic fallout between these two lovers.

Holy Vacants is a phenomenal entity that has everything you would want in a concept outlet. Conveying powerful feelings of adventure, devotion and heartache through exuberant and hypnotizing leads, Jones’ vibrant narrative is a breath of fresh air that brings a new and electrifying light, revealing the driven potential Trophy Scars continues to offer.

In A Word: Extravagant