Midnite On Pearl Beach/Caleb Willitz: Bermuda/The Day Will Come

Immediately writing and recording new material while he was in the process of mixing the debut full-length, Lamplighter, singer-songwriter Justin Jahnke’s soulful rock ‘n’ roll outlet, Midnite On Pearl Beach, ambitiously move forward with their follow-up EP, Bermuda.

Without any reason to stop, this Shreveport, Louisiana, native has been playing music under the name Midnite On Pearl Beach since 2012. Reaching out to bandmates that he has played with over the years during his time spent in Madison, Wisconsin, Jahnke and the gang bring to life a colorful Americana rock sound that engages listeners with a comforting psychedelic approach.

Drawn to blissful and expressive qualities that are derived from the inspiration of soul-influenced music, Midnite On Pearl Beach successfully emulate this peculiar style with atmospheric harmonies that are shadowed by solemn horns and drifting percussion. With a mystifying yet haunting vocal tone that softly echoes throughout in captivating songs like “Standing On A Highway Ramp” and “Luperon Nites,” Jahnke’s eerie delivery adds an enlightening voice that shapes the desolate setting of this record. Overall, Bermuda is one of the albums that you save to listen to for a relaxing summer afternoon, as the sunset smiles back at you on the car ride home from the beach.

Along with his involvement with Midnite On Pearl Beach as the band’s guitarist and keyboardist, Caleb Willitz also introduced his own solo effort, The Day Will Come, early in the year. Gaining production assistance from Justin Jahnke for this release, Willitz provides a stripped-down entity that branches away from Midnite On Pearl Beach’s tranquilly experimental approach. With heartfelt chords that are beautifully accompanied by gentle acoustic leads, Willitz’s musical talents on The Day Will Come bring together the best of both worlds by embodying a powerfully humble folk persona, while capturing the lively musicianship he carries over from Bermuda.

In A Word: Softening