The Toothe: Talons EP

Asheville, North Carolina’s charmingly interesting folk trio The Toothe once again bring to the table another delightful album. Their latest effort, Talons, is a heartwarming EP that will instantly put a smile on your face.

Identifying themselves as an “Apocalyptic Americana” band, it is quite puzzling to determine whether or not The Toothe ironically want to classify themselves with an obscure sound, or in actuality, a unique, specific genre. Considering the satirical incorporation of whimsical prose to add to their lighthearted style, there is nothing really apocalyptic that truly stands out from this release. Regardless, Talons continues to grace listeners with The Toothe’s eccentric persona, as depicted on previous materials like John Wilkes Boothe And The Black Toothe, as well as their split EP with The Critters.

The second that “Earthworms” starts off this EP with a bluesy banjo lick in unison with the eerie piano tone to add a grotesque appeal to the song, we are introduced with a bizarrely existential line, “Sometimes I wonder what my life would be like if I had no skin,” right before the trio breaks out into a traditionally upbeat acoustic rhythm. This peculiar lyrical imagery can be easily heard through the first half of Talons, especially within other songs like “Mustard” and “Husk.”

In comparison to their influences, The Toothe definitely introduce an innovative twist to their sound that may stand alone within the realm of contemporary folk rock. The innovative obscurity behind their personality overall creates a defining attribute that musically shines throughout. By blending together the atmospheric and blissful symmetry of classic alternative groups like Wilco with the introspective vernacular of The Mountain Goats, Talons provides a jubilant variety of musical bliss that complements its daring and imaginative lyrical approach. This record is truly a unique breed of its kind.

In A Word: Eccentric