Interview with Steel Panther: An All-You-Can-Eat Package

If you haven’t seen Steel Panther live, you are really missing out. With their amazing costumes, balls to the wall energy and, of course, undeniable talent, they put on quite the show. They have recently embarked on their All You Can Eat tour, which will be stopping at Philadelphia’s Theatre Of Living Arts on May 17, Sayreville, NJ’s Starland Ballroom on May 18 and NYC’s Irving Plaza on May 27.

With a new album, All You Can Eat, the hit single “The Burden Of Being Wonderful” and so much more, Steel Panther have a lot to talk about! I recently interviewed vocalist/guitarist Michael Starr to discuss the band’s tour, the music industry and more. Check it out below:

You guys are about to embark on the All You Can Eat tour next week. How excited are you?

It’s going to be awesome! It’s our biggest U.S. tour to date. We are gone for the whole month of May, and we are hitting so many cities that we’ve never been to before! We’re going to introduce Steel Panther to places like Idaho that have no idea what they are in for! It’s a ton of new, cool places, new guitars, and so much more. Our record is doing so well here in the States that we want to share it with everyone!

That sounds amazing! I also see you will be playing some festivals this summer at the end of the tour. Do you guys enjoy festivals, and do you take the time to watch other bands?

Oh yeah, festivals are fucking awesome, seriously. It’s the chance you get to meet so many other bands that you would never get to meet. There is so much energy. It’s a completely different experience than tour. And yes, we always take time to watch the other bands, from the second we get there.

I love your new record, and I think “The Burden Of Being Wonderful” was a great choice for a single. How has the reaction to the new record been?

It’s been amazing. People are loving it, we’re getting a ton of radio play. I mean, it’s funny, because when you first hear the single, that may be your first time hearing Steel Panther, and you probably think, “Aw, this is so sweet,” but then you switch tracks and you’re like, “Oh shit!” (laughs).

I’ve heard the record, and you are right on point! What made you pick the single?

It made the most sense. Didn’t have any cursing, didn’t have to do a lot of edits, and it’s really radio-friendly.

You guys are so glammed up on stage. What is your style like on an off day?

Well, right now I am wearing cargo shorts, red Converses, aviators, with my hair down. I always am keeping the party going, just like right now!

The band has been at it for a while in the music industry. What would you say has changed the most since you first started?

Honestly man, the internet has changed everything in this business. I mean, between things like Spotify, where you can literally listen to whatever you want, and social media, it’s crazy how much you can utilize it. But I really feel that word of mouth is so important, still. I mean, that’s how we got started. We were this underground internet band that one fan would say to their friend, “Have you seen that band Steel Panther?”

I truly feel, though, with all other things aside, being a good live band is most important, especially now. If you don’t put on a good live set, you aren’t going to last as a band. I feel that has been our ticket to success, because our shows are so different and animated. We always try to switch it up and keep it fresh, regroup after each show and tour. Keep fans coming back and the word of mouth going!

That is so true, I agree with you 100 percent. Now, for anyone who hasn’t been to a Steel Panther show, how could you describe it?

If you want a good time, a night where you don’t have to worry about bills, your parents, drama, or anything along those lines, come to our show. It’s one big party from start to finish; everything fun wrapped into one. If you want to go to something sorrowful, go see Kings Of Leon.

Thanks so much for your time, Michael. I will be seeing you on tour.

Can’t wait, see you there!


Steel Panther will be playing at the Theatre Of Living Arts on May 17, the Starland Ballroom on May 18, and Irving Plaza on May 27. Their new album, All You Can Eat, is available now. For more information, go to