Luke Elliot: Provisions

Singer-songwriter Luke Elliot embodies a nostalgic sound that combines touching elements of blues and folk with an enthusiastic classic rock vibe. Drawing inspiration from unique and introspective musicians including Bob Dylan, Nick Cave and Elliott Smith, listeners can truly identify Elliot as a troubled old soul stuck inside the body of a young man. His sophomore effort, Provisions, is an eccentric release that conveys simplicity through an innovative arrangement of compositions that will not only tug at your heartstrings, but also gets your feet moving.

Throughout Provisions, this peculiar roller coaster throws you around in circles by providing you with a colorful variety of songs that reflect his major influences. Opening with a roaring beat that sheds upon Nick Cave-like queues, “Benny’s A Bum” is an upbeat tune that introduces you to Elliot’s whimsical nature.

While “To Feel Your Love” slightly slows down the momentum of Provisions with a heart-wrenching ballad that may remind listeners of the heart and charisma of a young Tom Waits, “Virginia” follows this sappy track with a lively piano harmony that explodes into a jubilant spirit that brings the album back to speed with a skyrocketing pace.

As Provisions makes its way to the closing numbers of the record, “I Get It Any How” breaks away from its cheerful structure by providing a desolate tone that graces you with an enlightening backdrop for self-reflection, while “Ballad Of A Priest” ends Provisions on a high note with a refreshing hymn comparable to Dylan’s hit “Like A Rolling Stone.”

Provisions is a soothing reincarnation of the blues. From start to finish, Elliot draws you in with his timeless style along with his ingenious delivery. If you find yourself clinging onto Provisions with a lonesome perspective, this EP is the perfect soundtrack to lose yourself to when walking in the concrete jungle by yourself.

In A Word: Nostalgic