The Wonder Revolution: Wow

United by the collaborative efforts of guitarist David Lord along with the virtuous expertise of The World Palindrome’s Les Easterby and Appleseed Cast drummer Nathan Wilder, Wichita-based experimental collective The Wonder Revolution is a refreshing entity that truly defined their style as an innovative outlet that breaks the mold by excelling beyond the realms of traditional music and art. Their acclaimed “wondermusic” sound is derived from the group’s fluent background, which branches out from colorful elements of post-rock, indie and progressive rock. Combining these wondrous influences into one mystifying being of purity, The Wonder Revolution’s forthcoming full-length, Wow, serves as a reflection of the group’s compelling instrumental sense of expression.

Throughout this effort, we are graced with atmospheric scores that are blissfully arranged in unison to accommodate each member’s input. These introspective compositions enlighten listeners with an ingenious perspective of vibrant imagery. Easterby’s poetic lyrics often provide you with a comforting narrative to complement the group’s delightfully animated orchestra. Captivating time signatures are identified within songs like “Breathing With A Butterfly” and “Cloud Wonder Sky (Outside In),” which incorporate soothing string melodies and ambient synthesizer tones that compel your senses to vividly envision the sights and sounds The Wonder Revolution convey. Catering to Wow’s graciously artistic persona, “Pixie Mountain” and “Winter, Earth And Sky” also add extravagant guitar adaptations through classic indie folk esthetics.

While these peculiar characteristics are honed throughout Wow, this record also beautifully paints a picture for escapism. This is a release that listeners can easily connect to not only on a musical level, but on an emotional level as well. Because of its comforting qualities and naturalistic delivery, the first word that definitely comes to mind when peering through this album from front to back for the first time is “wow.”

In A Word: Imaginative