Armand Margjeka: Hummingbird

Armand Margjeka is a thought-provoking and introspective folk musician who provides unpredictably delightful elements of extravagant virtuous indie rock. Presenting his expressive articulation with a matured sound since his debut full-length, Margo Margo, Margjeka introduces his latest effort, Hummingbird.

From the moment Hummingbird begins, we are delighted with an onslaught of outstanding stand-alone singles like the opener, “Move Slow.” The introductory lines, “Love moves slow/The hardest part is letting go,” are heavily emphasized right away through a longing desolate and mesmerizing tone that lingers throughout. Transitioning from the droning pitch of “Move Slow” is the title-track “Hummingbird,” which instills a magnificent upbeat tempo that captivates listeners with Margjeka’s atmospheric tendencies.

Lyrically, Margjeka engraves a narrative, which at times reveals his accounts of desired love. While “Move Slow” slightly conveys the anguishes of moving forward rapidly after loss, “Relief” is a blissfully reflective track that pierces through you by looking back at the early memories of past affections. With an imaginative beat to mend the broken heart, “And Love” is a hauntingly tune where Margjeka attempts to test the waters by persuading his former lover to come back into his life.

As the record transpires with experimental queues that complement Margjeka’s uniquely eerie voice, “Baby Put That Dress On (We’re Goin Out Tonite)” and “If” implant electronic notes and light drum patterns into an innovative equation that hones his wondrous songwriting abilities.

With this sophomore release, Margjeka has truly established himself as a creative and intriguing artist. What separates Hummingbird from his first album is personal transition in style, which is reflected through his instrumental delivery in the recording process. Margjeka leaves you with the option to interpret the meaning of his work, as opposed to intentionally forcing his musical influences to overshadow his artistic nature. Hummingbird definitely enlightens you with a soothing approach that truly captures Margjeka’s vibrant orchestral imagery.

In A Word: Wonderful