New God: Firework

Crafting together a follow-up to their debut full-length, Motorcar, the Baltimore, Maryland-based group New God introduce a blissful sophomore effort entitled Firework. Finding their inspiration while harmonizing ideas with one another at an abandoned racquetball court, brothers Kenny and Curt Tompkins immediately welded together their innovative psychedelic pop and folk style after shaping their work through this free-spirited and introspective approach.

When listening to Firework for the first time, it is clear that the way they’ve perfected and rehearsed this material truly reflects how artistic expression can exceed any profound boundaries, especially through songwriting. The imagery that is conveyed through the opening title-track, “Firework,” provides a soft and atmospheric tone that would make you feel as if you were lying underneath the stars next to the group as if they were playing in front of you at a campfire.

At times, the exciting sampling of Firework reminds listeners of the experimental stylings of Animal Collective, as the charming vocal harmony of the Tompkins brothers may draw slight comparisons to James Mercer of The Shins. While we are introduced to this hypnotic framework from “Demon Chant,” “I Know Something About You” and “Ocean Hum,” Firework also delights us with an upbeat setting from the standalone song “Summer Girl” as well.

From beginning to end, Firework is an enchanting release that invites you with a wondrous bounty that entices a stimulating sense of revelation, while enlightening us with an insight of how creativity can unfold through simplicity. As this album closes with the lightly reverb ballad “Dumb,” this closing number captures the sincerity and beauty behind the Tompkins brothers’ stripped down orchestra in unison. Reflecting back on their joint euphoric rehearsal practices in full circle, “Dumb” fades out and abruptly continues with a hidden track that vividly paints a picture to the innocent spring days when they created this record.

In A Word: Surreal