Eden Brent: Jigsaw Heart

Loyalty isn’t the most important key to good musicianship. Artists reinvent themselves all the time! They switch genres, experiment, and typically flexibility in the arts is something to be celebrated; this for the most part is the general consensus. Everyone wants to hear something new, but surprisingly consistency can be a refreshing thing to hear from an artist. Eden Brent delivers a heart-warming album that from the first note to the last is unadulterated soul and is lined with Southern charm.

Eden’s voice is distinct from her first note, but her sound is smooth and refined. Her performance is unwavering and exudes confidence, a sign of true mastery. Her other musical mastery is portrayed well on this album; her piano skills complement her vocal talent gracefully. The album itself is a mixture of blues, jazz, and soul, with small hints of R&B heard on some songs.

“Everybody Already Knows” is a confident, pure Americana song that features her excellent piano playing. “Opportunity” could awaken the soul deep inside of any listener, and has some of those aforementioned R&B influences. “Tendin’ To A Broken Heart” is a sincere track that makes you feel like you’re sitting alongside her as she serenades you with her rich voice. The album closes out with “Valentine,” a heartfelt ballad about a romance that’s on the fence of hopeful and hopeless.

Eden Brent proves that consistency is not always synonymous with boring. Even the most devoted fans of the pioneers will be satisfied to hear Brent’s allegiance to America’s musical roots of blues and jazz. But even if you’re not in it for her faithful commitment to her genre, stay for the impeccable vocals and honesty.

In A Word: Intimate