Today The Moon, Tomorrow The Sun: Quads

The Atlanta-based quartet Today The Moon, Tomorrow The Sun are a powerfully eccentric outlet that ignite the dance floor with a vibrant and electrifying sound which is often classified in the category “electro-fuzz rock,” along with other various and absurd subgenres that have been obscurely crafted in the indie pop scene. Their latest EP, Quads, is a colorfully refreshing effort that embodies the musical stylings of contemporary synthpop stars the likes of Sleigh Bells and Metric.

With a drowning reverb to lead into the opening track, “Youth Found In The Night,” the blissful harmony of Quads is easily conveyed through the complementary incorporation of keys and sampling. Embedded within the lines of the chorus, “I heard the words, I hear the call/But it isn’t over,” the lively energy of this song truly speaks to us with a message to live in the moment and to hold on to our youth for as long as you can.

Captivating listeners with a mesmerizing tone, we transition into the follow-up, “Golden,” which brings to life a pulsing percussion pattern that pumps your blood like a beating heart. In similar light as “Youth Found In The Night,” the lyrics, “You know these fires are golden/Always, always live the moment,” are seductively articulated while some who indulge into this record for the first time may find solace into these lyrics with a newfound sense of invincibility.

As soon as the closing number “Powerline” fades out, the pleasing sensation attained from listening to Quads will leave you drooling for more. With a relentless electronic onslaught that is blistering inside your head throughout, Quads is a promiscuous outlet that provides an enchanting rebirth of sweet disposition. There is no doubt that this release is an epic prelude that may provide you with a taste of what to expect in the future.

In A Word: Electrifying