InCircles: Young Blood

What makes punk unique to other forms of rock music is its liveliness. The vigor of punk makes it the perfect soundtrack for a multitude of youth, generation to generation. The distinct energy of adolescents and young adults is perfectly encompassed in punk, and YoungBlood is evidence.

Jewlee, lead singer of InCircles, has a voice full of character and spunk that leads the album well. Guitars are nothing less than dynamic ranging from mellow strumming to pure shredding, also contributed by Jewlee. Eric Pronto provides both the bass and the accompanying background vocals to Jewlee’s lead vocal. Oscar Silva is heard rapidly beating on the drums throughout. Continuing the ode to youth culture, rebellion is a lyrical theme from song to song.

“Emerald Harbor” instantly stands out due to it being the calmest track on the album. Beating drums are replaced with a light tambourine, and Jewlee gives a softer vocal performance. For a rapid-fire thrill, “Helter Skelter” is perfect. As one of the shorter songs on the album, it’s complete with quick guitar licks, short verses, and driving drums. Considerably on the chill side compared to the rest of the tracklist, “Field Notes” remains powerful and heavy, despite its slower tempo. “Red In My Room” is catchy and upbeat, with a prominent bassline.

Energy is a critical factor for an album. For a rock album in particular, it’s the secret ingredient. This component makes everything come alive. InCircles essentially lined every note of this album with an energy that pulls you in, even at its calmest. Simply put, this album gives you a boost.

In A Word: Ecstatic