The Midnight Moan: Comes In Phases

When we digest music, we analyze it. To elaborate, consider how we categorize music, try to understand lyrics, decipher musical ideas, and familiarize ourselves with possible influences; we basically try to grasp every aspect of it. Having a critical mind frame of music is vital, but it can be quite a relief to come across music that you don’t have to put effort into connecting with it. The Midnight Moan use transparency to exhibit their musical skills in their latest album, Comes In Phases.

The very first thing I must mention about the compositional buildup of this album is the guitar. The guitar part shines in every song throughout the tracklist, with impeccable solos and soulful riffs placed perfectly to display mastery. What gives great energy and moves the music along are the drums, which are complete with their own musical ideas. The vocals and lyrics are simple, yet fun and full of spirit.

“Short Stay” lives up to its name, a short song that is pumped up, full of an infectious energy, and will have you nodding your head along. My favorite guitar moment is found at the very end of “Just Yet,” where a flawless riff just adds the finishing touch. If you want to hear the diverse and powerful drumming previously mentioned, listen to “What I Need.” If you’re looking for blues-inspired rock music, “You Better Leave Room” is your song. The influence for this song is apparent and can be heard anywhere from the guitar, piano style, and even the paced tempo. “Do It Again” ends the album with a tranquil rainforest-sounding introduction that evolves into a mellow rock song where every instrument is heard with crisp distinction.

Rock music is best when kept simple. With just some distinguished guitar, powerful drums, candid vocals and frank lyrics, you’ve got yourself a recipe for a brilliant rock album. It seems that The Midnight Moan understand this well, as this album is sure to satisfy any musical cravings for some classic rock and roll.

In A Word: Authentic